Leon Vincent 

Singer, Songwriter & Producer 

15-year-old Leon Vincent is a young, independent Artist with roots in the U.S.A. and Switzerland. He has been searching for an audience since he turned 4 when he went up to adults on playgrounds to sing his songs for them. At age 7 Leon signed up for his first open mic, performing some original songs. Thereafter he started street performing in St. Pete, Florida with a small keyboard and soon had enough money to buy a good piano, mic, and Bose speaker. By age 10 he booked paid gigs. 

Singing and performing on Piano, Guitar, or Ukulele, he is entirely self-taught. He writes and records his songs himself. To him, there is no greater high than to take a song idea swirling around in his head and make it come to life so it can bring others joy and wake feelings. That said, the Songs he writes show a positive vibe and are about true love, honesty, and friendship. 

In St. Petersburg (USA) on Florida's West Coast, Leon has been known since the age of 10 as a local artist through his frequent appearances in Bars/Restaurants, Festivals, and Fun parks. He performed at the Tampa Zoo's Music in the Wild, the Florida Aquarium, the Florida Botanical Gardens, the Florida State Fair, and Busch Gardens (Sea World) Christmas Town. Today Leon Vincent wants to spread his music all around the world for everyone to enjoy, but he will always think of St. Petersburg Florida as his home. 

His catalog as a performer includes Pop, RnB, Country, and Rock. Leon Vincent funds his professional musician and studio equipment from the earnings of his live gigs, not only writing but now also producing his own songs. 

His most recent Works are available on all primary streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and more. They include: 
- the album 'Good Guy' (Nov 2022) with the Hit Songs' I Tried' and 'Is It Too Late to Kiss You' 
- the Single' Back To You' (Jan. 2023), an entirely In-house production 

Homepage: www.leonvincent.com 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leonvincentmusic/  

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpE9DN3A080oL3wH2O_bo8w 

For more information and collaborations, please contact: